Trung Nguyen – The Best Robusta Vietnamese Coffee

 Tried searching for the best coffee over the internet? For sure, you came across a few best Vietnamese coffee and the best coffee in Vietnam has got to be Trung Nguyen. Yes, Trung Nguyen is one of the rich heirloom coffees in Viet Nam that is traditionally and is the biggest producer of Robusta coffee worldwide for years now. The brand itself offers some of the finest coffee beans in the world, including the well-known Culi Robusta Coffee.

The Trung Nguyen Coffee, also known as TN Coffee, grows quality Robusta plant in the mountainous regions of Vietnam with native climate and up to 3600 feet of altitude. This fine area in Annam Region hosts the best coffee plants that makes up the highest amount of coffee beans harvested in Southeast Asia.

TN coffee Robusta

What makes Trung Nguyen Robusta Coffee special, aside from the amazing plantation, is the roasting and brewing method. Every Robusta coffee bean that is picked from the “cherry” (coffee plant fruit) is carefully handled and handed over to the roasting process under low heat in a butter oil condition, creating a caramel or dark roast but no burnt taste.

Vietnamese coffee is best brewed using Phin method where a metal filter is used. This is the traditional way of brewing coffee in the country a long time ago and still in practice today. Tourists travelling to Vietnam never miss the chance to taste the authentic Trung Nguyen Robusta Culi Coffee and travel back with a pack.