The Taste of Peaberry Culi Robusta Coffee



Do you get all curious about what people call as “peaberry” coffee? In the world of coffee, you sure have a strong urge to know the different types of coffee beans. It is generally not a type of coffee, but it is a kind of coffee bean growth. It is rare which makes it precious and expensive. It has higher caffeine content but is richer and creamier with chocolate note.

Peaberry coffee is a special coffee bean that has a shape of a “pea”. Coffee beans by nature grows flat inside the cherry. Two beans grow facing each other and causes one side to go flat. On some rare circumstance, one bean grows prematurely and the other bean grows full into a round bean since it does not have something to flatten it. This round bean is the peaberry.



What makes peaberry a special coffee is that peaberry beans has an aroma and taste that is better than others. The full round shape of the peaberry creates full concentration of flavors that not many coffee has whether it is Arabica or Robusta. Now here comes the Peaberry Culi Robusta Coffee. “Culi” is a well-known trademark of peaberry coffee in Vietnam. If you hear someone selling “culi” coffee, it must be Vietnamese peaberry coffee which only means that it is a premium and authentic coffee. You can expect that when you buy a peaberry culi coffee, you are in for the best cup of joe in the planet.