What is Robusta Coffee?

What is robusta coffee?

If you have a deep love of coffee, then you must be on a hunt for the best coffee you can get your hands on no matter what country or culture, a good coffee is always the best alarm clock for your body. You might want to add your adventure of learning Robusta coffee to your bucket list and know why coffee gourmets have gone crazy over it. Or probably not, because you already have it on top instead.

Robusta coffee, from Coffea Canephora plant, has low acidity but high bitterness that it is classified as a dark and strong coffee but chocolatey and creamy at the same time. Second to Arabica coffee, it makes up about 40% of the coffee produce in the market. Robusta plant grows in low altitudes in Africa and Indonesia but are mostly grown in Vietnam which makes up the largest producer of Robusta Culi coffee in the world.

low acidity coffee

There are many interesting characteristics of Robusta coffee when it comes to taste, aroma and brewing methods. It has an earthy taste, more bitter because of its high caffeine content and yet has a hint of chocolate flavor. It offers a perfect blend to espresso coffee as it is creamy, making every shot taste like Christmas!

Compared to Arabica, Robusta coffee is resistant to diseases and insects which makes this coffee and enjoyable and healthy treat to your body. Depending on your palate, you can opt for other coffee blends or settle with a creamy, earthy and full-bodied coffee like Robusta. But as you know, it’s all in the taste!

Trung Nguyen – The Best Robusta Vietnamese Coffee

 Tried searching for the best coffee over the internet? For sure, you came across a few best Vietnamese coffee and the best coffee in Vietnam has got to be Trung Nguyen. Yes, Trung Nguyen is one of the rich heirloom coffees in Viet Nam that is traditionally and is the biggest producer of Robusta coffee worldwide for years now. The brand itself offers some of the finest coffee beans in the world, including the well-known Culi Robusta Coffee.

The Trung Nguyen Coffee, also known as TN Coffee, grows quality Robusta plant in the mountainous regions of Vietnam with native climate and up to 3600 feet of altitude. This fine area in Annam Region hosts the best coffee plants that makes up the highest amount of coffee beans harvested in Southeast Asia.

TN coffee Robusta

What makes Trung Nguyen Robusta Coffee special, aside from the amazing plantation, is the roasting and brewing method. Every Robusta coffee bean that is picked from the “cherry” (coffee plant fruit) is carefully handled and handed over to the roasting process under low heat in a butter oil condition, creating a caramel or dark roast but no burnt taste.

Vietnamese coffee is best brewed using Phin method where a metal filter is used. This is the traditional way of brewing coffee in the country a long time ago and still in practice today. Tourists travelling to Vietnam never miss the chance to taste the authentic Trung Nguyen Robusta Culi Coffee and travel back with a pack.

The Taste of Peaberry Culi Robusta Coffee

peaberry culi coffee



Do you get all curious about what people call as “peaberry” coffee? In the world of coffee, you sure have a strong urge to know the different types of coffee beans. It is generally not a type of coffee, but it is a kind of coffee bean growth. It is rare which makes it precious and expensive. It has higher caffeine content but is richer and creamier with chocolate note.

Peaberry coffee is a special coffee bean that has a shape of a “pea”. Coffee beans by nature grows flat inside the cherry. Two beans grow facing each other and causes one side to go flat. On some rare circumstance, one bean grows prematurely and the other bean grows full into a round bean since it does not have something to flatten it. This round bean is the peaberry.



What makes peaberry a special coffee is that peaberry beans has an aroma and taste that is better than others. The full round shape of the peaberry creates full concentration of flavors that not many coffee has whether it is Arabica or Robusta. Now here comes the Peaberry Culi Robusta Coffee. “Culi” is a well-known trademark of peaberry coffee in Vietnam. If you hear someone selling “culi” coffee, it must be Vietnamese peaberry coffee which only means that it is a premium and authentic coffee. You can expect that when you buy a peaberry culi coffee, you are in for the best cup of joe in the planet.