Benefits of Organic Oolong Tea Leaves Unlocked

Benefits of Organic Oolong Tea Leaves Unlocked

Benefits of Organic Oolong Tea Leaves Unlocked

Perhaps, you would have heard about the black tea and green tea though some of you might be aware of the oolong tea as well. For the purpose of brevity of a novice, let us understand that all the above varieties of tea are the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant from China. The process of tea leaves differentiates the three varieties. The handpicked leaves are partially fermented, which is referred to as Oolong tea having a host of benefits.

Effect on the Body and Mind

The caffeine present in the oolong tea leaves stimulates central nervous system besides the heart and muscles of the human body. In addition, other chemicals such as theophylline and theobromine also act on the lines of caffeine with similar effects. Therefore, it is ideally recommended to take an optimum quantity of the beverage on a daily basis for accruing the desired benefits.

  • Alertness

The consumption of oolong tea or any other caffeinated drink maintains alertness. Therefore, if you take beverage during the course of a day, you can expect a better productivity since you are alert all through. The sugar added to the beverage facilitates as an energizer and the combined effect will be advantageous than taking the contents in isolation.

  • Aids in weight loss

The inherent content of polyphenols of the oolong tea facilitates in keeping your body weight under check and helps in reducing the anti-inflammatory conditions. It is also observed that enhanced metabolism aids in burning additional calories thus ensuring that the body fat is toned up. The caffeine along with Epigallo Catechins (EGCG) are good contents for accelerating the oxidation of body fat. Though some more research data would substantiate the benefit of oolong tea weight loss, the findings until now incline towards the suggestive lines.

  • Arresting Ovarian Cancer

A recent research study indicated that the women taking two cups of oolong tea, black tea, or green tea on a regular basis have significantly reduced the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Of course, pregnant women or breastfeeding women should limit the intake to 2 cups a day since excessive oolong tea above 5 cups might result in harmful side effects because of caffeine present in the tea.

Based on the preliminary results of a study, it is also suggestive that oolong tea is beneficial for eczema patients not responded to other medication. Similarly, it is also indicative that people with Type-2 diabetes might benefit with the consumption of oolong time.

The initial finding of an inconclusive research study is also inclined towards some benefits in the treatment of tooth decay or controlling the blood pressure or osteoporosis.

What Is So Special About Organic Oolong Tea?

The hand-picked oolong tea leaves

What Is So Special About Organic Oolong Tea?

The leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia Sinensis plant is the source for the Oolong tea. You might have heard of black tea and green tea which is also a product of the same Camellia plant. Then, you may feel what the difference among these varieties of teas is? The processing makes the difference. If it is partially fermented, you will get oolong tea and fully fermented is the black tea while the green tea is not fermented at all.


The birthplace of all Camellia Sinensis production originates from China for a majority of the organic oolong tea varieties. Whether it is floral or smooth full bodies Ti Kuan Yin or the sweetness of Wu Yi or the roasted tea variety, all are originally from China. However, other premium varieties of oolong tea like the High Mountain Oolong from Vietnam or the flavored oolong like the Organic Plum Oolong are also gaining popularity. The hibiscus and currant oolong blended with natural and organic ingredients are also in heavy demand.


Camellia SinensisThe hand-picked oolong tea leaves are taken for partial oxidization. Depending upon the processing procedure, the color, flavor and aroma as well differ and obviously the taste of tea’s liquor. The perfectly processed oolong tea leaves an indelible and refreshing taste on the palate of the consumer.

Useful Tips for Ideal Tea

The water along with organic oolong tea leaves should be allowed to brew to the bubbling level. Let the water rise to the brim of a pan gradually. Alternatively, heat the content at 195o F ideally for 5-7 minutes.

Please remember that over-boiled or suboptimal brewing of the tea might change the unwarranted taste of tea.

Since the oolong tea is available in a loose-leaf format and not in the tea bags, the tea leaves open up easily unlike in tea bags. Therefore, there is no wastage of tea leaves while you prepare it.

While preparing the oolong tea, you should realize that variety is ideal if the same is steeping or re-steeping. You may be surprised to know that in the Chinese Gong Fu ceremony, the second and third steeping tea is generally considered as of premium quality tea.Oolong Tea

In general, the tea is preferred as a hot drink as is common with other varieties. However, some drinkers also enjoy iced tea if your taste is inclined towards cold beverages.

The organic oolong tea is also very beneficial like the black tea or green tea, if prepared in compliance with the above tips. Many people believe that oolong tea weight loss is the most beneficial feature among others.