Explore the Tremendous Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules

black cumin seeds oil capsule

Explore the Tremendous Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules

No doubt, the medical science is striving for curative medicines for various diseases. It is heartening to note that there are medicines for many types of ailments and some preventive measures for some types of illness. In the background of alternative medicine gaining importance, some research in the relevant field has made in-roads for effective prevention of various diseases.

With multiple benefits, the Black Cumin seeds occupy the top-rated medicinal values for a host of diseases. In the study, the researchers have concluded that black seed was a potent inhibitor against 97 of the total 144 strains of bacteria besides being resistive to many of them.

Nigella Sativa plant

Black Cumin Benefits

You will get the black  cumin seed oil from the Nigella Sativa plant belonging to the ranunculus family. This annually flowering plant found in southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa have a delicate aroma, which is used as a spice for culinary taste and as herbal medicine. The research findings also emphasize that the black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa) is resistant to ‘superbugs’ which is considered a public health risk. You will get the black cumin seed oil in capsule form too. The black cumin benefits include following.

  • Inhibit Cancer: The phytochemicals and antioxidant properties inherently found in black cumin seeds facilitate fighting in a natural way against dreaded. More than 50% of the patients experienced a decrease in their tumor cells as per the Croatian scientists, the reason being the presence of thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone in the black seed oil.
  • Healthier Liver: No doubt, the liver is one of the most significant organs for processing the toxins consumed by the humans. Those who have a poor liver function level due to the side effects of medication or excessive alcohol or some disease could be able to tone up the liver function with the use of the black seed oil capsule.
  • Combat Diabetes: The research team from the Indian Council of Medical Research published an article in the Journal of Endocrinology that the black seed oil can promote partial regeneration of beta cells of the pancreas. Therefore, it is possible to reverse the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in a phased manner.
  • Facilitate Weight Loss: The anti-obesity properties found in the black seed oil can prevent weight gain as found in the scientific study on plants as published in the Journal of Diabet4es and Metabolic Disorders. In another study too, it was observed that the black seed oil has the capability in reducing the body mass index in human beings.

In addition, it is also found that the capsules can help in preventing progression of dementia, balancing the cholesterol, protecting the skin and help in hair growth, etc.black cumin

What Should You Know About Cumin Seed Oil Capsules?

What Should You Know About Cumin Seed Oil Capsules?

What Should You Know About Cumin Seed Oil Capsules?

Indeed it is amazing to understand the complex functions of the human body. It is no exaggeration that what the modern medical science knows about the entire body system is only fractional in both curative purpose and also as a preventive measure. In fact, there are many unexplored areas for an in-depth knowledge about not only the functioning of the human body but also the response to the alternative medication.

A recent study reiterates the fact that the Black Cumin Seeds either in the oil form or the capsules are very beneficial

Efficacy of Black Cumin Seed

Recent research indicates that the black cumin seeds can kill nearly 70% of the 144 strains of bacteria. In addition, most of them were also resistant to antibiotics.

“One-upmanship” of Black Cumin Seed Oil

The natural chemicals like the thymol, thymoquinone(TQ) and Thymohydroquinone(THQ) present in the black cumin seed oil have been exposed to more than two dozens of harmful pathogens. It is very heartening to note the result that each of them emerged with an impressive score. You can take the benefit of availability of the medicine in a capsule form too.

What is Nigella Sativa

The seeds of an annual flowering plant of the Ranunculaceae found in most parts of south and southwest Asia are known as Nigella Sativa.

Nigella Sativa Plant

In the common parlance, the seeds are also referred to as black cumin, nigella, and kalonji.

The Nigella sativa seeds consist of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids besides Tocopherols. In addition, you will also that Carotenoids and Phytosterols are present in the Nigella sativa seeds.

Effect of Black Cumin Seed against Dementia

The symptoms of dementia include declining condition of memory and also difficulty in day to day routine functional skills. In fact, the broad term of dementia is of multiple types:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular dementia
  • Parkinson’s dementia
  • Mixed dementia
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
  • Frontotemporal dementia

Alzheimer’s disease

About 50 million people suffering from different types of dementia all over the world. It is apprehended that the increasingly people being diagnosed with dementia in the recent past, there is no surprise if the disease is affecting double the existing patients in the next two decades.

Of course, it is unfortunate that the cure for Dementia could not be found until now. However, there is a positive aspect that we can restrict further advanced stage of the disease with the use of a black cumin seed oil capsule. The research confirmed that you can also prevent the onset of the disease by using the capsule. Similarly, black cumin benefits include slowing down the progression of many other diseases as well.