Organic Hand-Picked Oolong Tea Leaves from Taiwan’s High Mountains

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With your first sip, let the High Mountain Oolong Tea take you to the beautiful sunrise and calming sunsets of Alishan.

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About the Oolong Tea LeavesOolang Tea Leaves

  • THE NATURAL DETOX SOLUTION FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Do you want to see yourself a few weeks forward healthier than what you are now? Your liver is the key in absorbing the needed nutrients to stay healthy. Detoxing the liver cleanses your body to a healthier you. The Zone -365 Organic Hand-Picked Oolong Tea Leaves, enables your body to get rid of toxins and waste. Feel great inside and out!
  • THE PERFECT OOLONG TEA FOR WEIGHTLOSS: Known in many names as Ali Shan Tea, Oolong Tea Tie Guan Yin, Taiwanese Oolong, Jin Xuan, ti kuan yin, tie guan yin oolong tea or ti guan yin tea, this is 100% monkey picked oolong and pure Oolong tea leaves. It helps improve digestion, reduces belly fat and eliminates bloating so your tummy remains flat!
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANT, ENERGY BOOSTER AND ANTI-STRESS: One of the reasons why you eat too much is when you experience stress. The calming effect of Jin Xuan loose tea leaves Oolong helps you to stay on a positive mood, lowers your hunger level and even boosts energy to stay active. This is by far, the best oolong tea you can dream of!
  • Hand PICKED OOLONG TEA JUST FOR YOU: Harvested from the highest mountains of Tawain, this authetic Jin Xuan Olong tea is made available to you by Zone ?365 so you can have genuine Oolong Wu Yi Tea experience. It offers a pleasant and smooth taste that calms your body and mind without any laxative effect.
  • Zone – 365 / Ubiquitous offers All-Natural and Authentic Herbal Tea. If You Are Not Completely Satisfied with our Loose Tea Leaves Oolong, Simply Contact Us And We Will Give You A Full Refund, No Questions Asked! Only Offered by Zone-365

3 reviews for Organic Hand-Picked Oolong Tea Leaves from Taiwan’s High Mountains

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’m not a tea connoisseur but I don’t enjoy cheap powder tea bags

    I’m not a tea connoisseur but I don’t enjoy cheap powder tea bags, so I’ve been exploring the world of oolong. This is good quality with nice whole unfurled leaves. Good flavor with some floral gardenia notes, although I’m not an expert. Vacuum sealed packaging was nice. The tin arrived pretty dented up. It’s soft metal so I could mold some of the dents out by hand. I was a little disappointed about that because the tin was pretty. Not the end of the world though!

  2. alice

    Amazing Tea!

    I’ve been looking for a good oolong for ages now. As a tea enthusiast, I’m extremely picky about tea. This tea is INCREADIBLE!!! It’s light and refreshing, and has a honey-suckle undertone. I love it both hot and cold. I will definitely be purchasing this tea again.

  3. Tina Bassett

    Good Tea

    I’m pretty impressed with this tea. It tasted delicious, although the aftertaste wasn’t my favorite. I just had a little bite to eat with it. The container it came in was really cute and it was an adorable addition to my coffee/tea shelf. I did notice a slight uptick in energy after having the tea and since I had no other caffeinated beverages, I’m positive it was the tea. I was so happy that there were two separate wrapped packages of tea. It made sharing very easy. I already passed some along to a friend.

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