Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf


Enjoy a touch of natural mango flavor combined with the vibrant black tea leaves. Wake up and smell the tea!

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Mango black tea leaves

The Perfect Tea Experience with DIY Tea Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf

Feeling sluggish or sleepy? A cup of tea might cheer you up! Drinking tea is proven to promote overall wellness including moods and lower stress hormones so you will feel more lively and cheerful throughout the day. Starting a fresh cup of steaming hot Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf by Zone – 365 will surely set your mood for the day and ending up with a cold or hot cup of it in the evening will make you feel like a champ! Coffee and tea share the same energy-boosting effect. If you are after the lighter blend and want to get a hint of tropical mango flavor, you can never go wrong with the Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf by Zone – 365. Perfectly made for you, as a gift to your loved one or know someone who is a tea addict, this delicious loose leaf tea is a joy to have. Sit and create happy memories with friends and family in every sip!

Zone – 365 Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf is naturally fermented where the tea leaves are spread in a fermentation room, control a suitable temperature and humidity, the tea Polyphenols will be oxidized, tea leaf turns to red from green, and send out a flavor of fresh sweet feeling. Each pack of Naturally Flavored Zone – 365 Mango Black Tea Loose Leaf comes with pure Chinese Keemun broken black tea leaf with little stems. It is naturally flavored with mango for that fruity and tropical aroma you can’t resist. To complete your tea experience, your pack of black tea comes with a free tea infuser so you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime!

Cool Features Why You’ll Love Zone – 365 Mango Black Tea

Mango Black Tea with FREE Tea Infuser


Mango Tea

Low Carb Tea

Includes a FREE Tea Infuser

Each pack comes with a free tea infuser so do not have to worry how you will steep your tea. This pretty handy leaf-designed tea infuser is made out of food grade silicone that is safe for your health and a stainless steel bottom that is easy to wash and rust-proof for longer use.

Your DIY Tea

Enjoy the wide range of tea strength you can make with this DIY Tea Kit from Zone – 365. Want it mild? Shorten the steeping time. Strong cup? Generously extend the steeping time. Your tea, your choice!

Mango Flavored Keemun Black Tea

Grown at an elevation of 1,600 feet from the high mountains of Jiangxi province in China, it makes this tea richer, smooth, and fragrant compared to its’ low altitude tea counterpart. Enjoy it hot or over ice, delicious anyway you preparer it. This is the DIY way.

Low Carb Black Tea

Steeping 2 grams of this refreshing mango black loose tea leaves gives you about 5g of carbs and enough caffeine for your boost. Definitely the best alternative to sodas, frappes, shakes and other high-calorie drinks.

organic black tea

Why Choose Zone – 365 Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf

Black teas are widely known to bring nutrients that our body needs. However, it is depended on the quality of black tea you are taking. Most of the time, you need to learn and know what is natural tea compared to chemically processed tea.

Rich Tropical Flavor of Natural Mango Black Tea

Mango Black Loose Tea LeafIt is a Mango Black Loose Tea Leaf grown in China at an elevation of 500 meters and naturally flavored with mango for that fruity and tropical aroma you can’t resist no what time of the day or type of weather. Start having a lively morning and a well-spent afternoon with a cup of Mango Black Loose Tea Leaves by Zone – 365 and you are in for a chain of happy mood today!

Get Slim and Detox The Natural Way

Mango Black Loose Tea LeafHigh-calorie beverages are good to have. But little do you know, you are not getting any benefits out of them. Packed with nutrients, black tea is hailed to be one of the most powerful natural detox and weight loss tea that helps shed unwanted pounds. These natural flavored mango black tea loose leaf organic is not only full of nutrients, it is rich in flavonoids or catechins are known as antioxidants that help eliminate fats from the body.


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