Cranberry Concentrate Softgels

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Take Dietary Universe’s Cranberry concentrate softgels as part of your daily routine to maintain a healthy urinary tract!

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Take Dietary Universe’s Cranberry concentrate softgels as part of your daily routine to maintain a healthy urinary tract!

Cranberries have long been used as a natural remedy to cure UTIs and are known for their effect on E.coli bacteria. Cranberry is also taken for its antioxidant properties and to support immunity and liver function.

Cranberry Concentrate Softgels

Cranberry Concentrate Softgels for Urinary Health Support

Cranberry concentrate softgels are a boon for those with UTI and kidney stones. High on natural cranberry extracts with seeds and flesh, a daily dose of 2 softgels is the most recommended, providing an equivalent of 12,600mg of pure and raw fresh cranberries.
● Prevents and supports urinary tract infections (UTI)
● Prevents the formation of kidney stones
● Easy to swallow and taste free
● With added vitamin C and E

Reverse Signs of Ageing

Noticing more wrinkles on your face and around your eyes? Cranberries have a high amount of antioxidants which free the body of toxins that cause damage to cellular structures. If you want a rejuvenated and youthful look, try Cranberry Concentrate Softgels and you’ll notice the difference in a few days.

Improve Digestion

Cranberry supplements also aid in maintaining regular digestive functionality. With known anti-inflammatory benefits, cranberries reduce the risk of chronic inflammation in the stomach and large intestine.

Regulate your blood sugar levels

Are you affected with Type 2 Diabetes? Our cranberry supplements reduce blood sugar and help regulate glucose levels throughout the day.

Additional Information

At Dietary Universe, we collect, process and manufacture 100% herbal nutritional supplements. Unlike other cranberry pills, Cranberry Concentrate Softgels have no additives like sugar, carbohydrates and calories.

● No additives or artificial flavors
● Strictly Non-GMO
Gluten Free
● Hal and Kosher certified
● Suitable for Vegans


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Product Usage

Suggested Use: For adults, take two (2) softgels daily, preferably with meals. We recommend drinking a full glass of water when taking cranberry softgels and drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.

2 reviews for Cranberry Concentrate Softgels

  1. M.Fries

    Great quality cranberry

    Reviewing supplements is really difficult because sometimes you never really know if they are doing what they say they are doing. With that being said, I do like this cranberry supplement. It appears to be very high quality. I have IC, so I also have to be careful with certain cranberry supplements because it can cause my bladder to flare up. I have not had this happen with these supplements. I also do not have any indigestion issues with this supplement as I’ve had with others. Only time will tell if this will truly help keep my urinary tract clear, but so far so good. I do feel like it is helping.

  2. Kara Lederer

    Better than plain cranberry juice! Thumbs up!

    I just do not like cranberry juice, it tastes like prunes to me which I loathe. Unfortunately I have to drink them every once in a while to get relief from my stupid UTI. Ugh, it sucks having UTI! My boyfriend showed this to me once at first I was not interested at all because of the cranberry flavour it has but I searched it up after a few days when I had trouble peeing. I bought it and it arrived on time. They look like berries! Plus the effects of this are much better than plain cranberry juice. An essential to me now. Thumbs up!

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