Nourii Tea


What is it in tea that others find very useful and beneficial to one’s health? If you have not tasted genuine tea before or not fond of tea at all, this is the biggest question you can’t answer unless you give the tea a chance to change your mind. It only takes a sip of a pure and aromatic tea to turn your beliefs around. And the joy of preparing your own tea makes it even more worthwhile!

Dietary Universe offers one of the finest tea in the world –  Nourii Tea. It is Taiwan’s pride and the best tasting tea that everyone loves. We have a variety of Nourii tea that offers both flavor and health benefits. You will definitely fall in love with the rich and tasty characteristics of our tea blends below:

Organic Black Soybean & Burdock Tea – Made from genuine and natural black soybeans and dried burdock roots, this tea is packed with holistic medicinal values individually and when put together, creates a powerful and healthy tea beverage.

Organic Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) Tea – Widely known as “Echinacea Purpurea” which is rich in antioxidants and is one of the best herbal remedies for common colds, flu, and boosts the immune system to help combat degenerative diseases.

Organic Gardenia Oolong Tea – Grown and handmade in Nantou, Taiwan, the Oolong tea is organically farmed and handmade with traditional scented tea technique. It has a mild roasted taste with the scent of gardenia and jasmine flowers.

Organic Jin Xuan Oolong Tea – An extraordinary Oolong tea without the milky and creamy taste, this flavorful tea has a light floral aroma and smooth aftertaste. Magnificently made by tea masters of Yilan, Taiwan.

About the Brand

Nourii Tea offers pure and natural loose tea leaves from the world’s “tea garden” –  Taiwan. We have a variety of tea products that suits even the most sophisticated palate existed. Our tea offerings are not only flavorful but are also healthy. Every Nourii tea product is naturally grown in a rich and pristine environment in Taiwan and made by tea masters who adhere to the tradition of tea making process which involves 12 complex steps to bring each tea to perfection.

All our tea products undergo careful selection by rejecting 98% of the tea leaves so you can have the best 2% leaves on your teacup. The Nourii tea defies all odds so we can bring you the best of traditional tea for your satisfaction!