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Aside from coffee, tea is one of the world’s favorite morning concoction regardless of race and country of origin. With its energy-boosting effect, most tea drinkers consider tea as a good source of health and strength. Most tea drinkers are in their good perfect state because of regular consumption of tea.


Although tea works wonders, some do not have the time to make their cup of tea. Others are even intimidated and find tea preparations complicated. This is why ready-to-drink beverages are consumed by many as a quick fix. If you are a heavy tea drinker or have just grown your love for tea, it would be a delight to be able to sip a cup of your favorite tea anytime and anywhere you like without the hassle of steeping your tea.


DIY Tea is a smart solution for your tea cravings. It allows you to conveniently prepare your tea all by yourself without the need of machine and skipping the process of meticulous tea preparations.

About the Brand

DIY Tea is a trademark of true genius as it gives you the convenience of getting the best tea experience regardless of where you are, any time of day or night. Our DIY Tea products are offered with the best and authentic loose tea leaves from the high mountains of Taiwan. A tea infuser is included to complete your Do-It-Yourself tea time with family and friends.


All our tea products undergo careful selection by rejecting 98% of the tea leaves so you can have the best 2% leaves on your teacup. With DIY Tea, you won’t have to miss out on tea sessions with your favorite people. Enjoy every story told, fruitful talks and “Me” time with DIY Tea by Dietary Universe.

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