Tea Leaves(Insight Into The Black Tea Leaves)

Camellia Sinesis

Tea Leaves(Insight Into The Black Tea Leaves)

The aged tea leaves, buds, and stems of Camellia Sinesis plant are picked up for preparing the black tea. Though the black tea, green tea, and oolong tea also come from the same plant, the process indicates the type of tea. Complete fermentation of the leaves results in black tea while partially fermented tea makes the oolong tea. However, the green tea is a result of the unfermented process.

Genesis of Black Tea

While all black tea leaves are generally produced from Camellia sinensis in China, which originated in the late 16th century, the black tea in India is produced from a different variety referred to as Camellia Assamica. You will observe that the leaves of Indian black tea are larger in size and have a stronger flavor compared to the counterpart from China. According to the article published by Health and Wealth, the mango tea by using the leaves of a mango tree is also gaining popularity due to its benefits.

Benefits of Loose Leaf Black Tea

The sufficient data from scientific research in the field confirm multiple benefits of black tea. Similarly, the recent findings are also suggestive of mango black tea with similar benefits. Let us flip through the advantages of loose leaf black tea.black tea leaves for your heart health

  • Improves Heart Health

No doubt, one of the most vital organs of the body is to be kept healthy to ensure its efficient functioning. The flavones present in black tea help in lowering the risks of coronary heart diseases. The scientific research also confirmed the avoidable myocardial infarction, ischemia, and other related cardiovascular ailments.

  • Improves Immunity Systemblack tea leaves Improves Immunity System

You might be aware of the fact that oxygen radicals hamper normal cell function, which leads to inflammatory conditions resulting in stress and tension to the body and mind. The antioxidants present in the black tea scavenge oxygen radicals and facilitate restoration of the normal cell body. This process boosts the immunity system ensuring a healthier body. The essential vitamins of the mango leaf tea help in restoring the degenerating immune system.

  • Restores Better Bone Healthblack tea leaves for Better Bone Health

As you grow in your age, there is a susceptibility of osteoporosis, which degenerates the strength of bones. Therefore, if you regularly take black tea especially after the middle age, the chances of restoring the bone strength increase tremendously. The black tea, in fact, works as calcium in ensuring strong bone density.

With immense benefits of black tea, awareness among scientific fraternity and common people as well, the black tea is preferred beverage.



Less-known Benefits of Mango Black Tea

Less-known Benefits of Mango Black Tea

Less-known Benefits of Mango Black Tea

If you are thinking that Camellia Sinensis or Camellia Assamica only produces black tea, probably you might think twice. Though the age-old practice of black tea from the above plant is known from the late 16th century, its alternative is also gaining popularity in the recent past. The better known as the ‘king of fruits’ even has many positive properties in improving the health of a human body as per the article published by Healthand Wealth.

Uses of Mango

Though generally mangoes are delicious in taste for eating, the mango tree is useful in many ways. The mango fruit is used in the preparation of jams, sauce or for garnishing in addition to pickles with raw mango. Now, the benefits of mango tea are also known to be found in some research studies. Its tender purple colored leaves are loaded with a host of medicinal properties, which are beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Loose Leaf Black Tea

As per the article published in Health and Wealth, the European physicians have found that mango tea facilitates in the treatment of not only diabetes but also the blood vessel problems because of damaged pancreas. Therefore, you can try mango black tea in controlling Type-2 diabetes as an alternative medicine.

Maintain Ideal Blood Pressure

The scientific research has also found that mango leaf tea strengthens the otherwise fragile blood vessels. The research study concluded that consumption of one cup of mango tea a day would help in reducing hypertension.

· Boosts up Vitamins

The essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C found in the mango fruit are also present in the mango leaf. Therefore, if you opt for the mango black tea, you can supplement vital vitamins to the body. Instead of looking for other supplements, it would be a better idea to go for black tea for the additional nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the people living in under-developed countries for restoring the body with the desired vitamins.

The mangoes either in the fruit form or as leaves contain powerful antioxidants, flavonoids and phenols, which are beneficial in controlling and inhibiting various diseases for the human body.

There is no doubt the benefits of mango black tea have to be disseminated among the masses so that people could take an advantage of the black tea. Maybe some more in-depth research might result in finding out more medicinal values for the benefit of mankind.Black Tea