Are you feeling depressed You might be low on B12

Are you feeling depressed You might be low on B12

Today, everyone is busy in making money and have completely forgotten about their health. They have forgotten the reason they are earning. With their hectic schedule, they have no time left to concentrate on what they are eating.

The improper diet results in a lot of deficiency diseases. If not cured in time, they could even risk your life.

One of the most common deficiencies people face these days is the deficiency of vitamin B. Nearly every third person is suffering from it.

Deficiency of B12 affect your health

The deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to diseases like depression and anxiety. Depression can be related to one feeling low or sad for some time without any apparent reason. This could be for days, months or even for years which is not good for physical and mental health.

A person suffering from depression is adversely affected by areas like feeling, thinking and acting. He also loses interest in activities once enjoyed. A person suffering from depression can feel dejected, helpless and hopeless.

It also leads to many physical and mental problems and decreases the ability and efficiency of your performance at home or work. The depression could be a reaction to losing loved ones, or it could be a side effect of taking some medical treatment.

Role of Vitamin B12 in healing you:

It is known that vitamin B plays a vital role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other functions of the brain. The low level of these brain chemical is related to depression. The decrease in the level of vitamin B12 and B6 can lead to depression.

It is also found that people suffering from depression have low plasma level of cobalt, a mineral that forms the center of B12. The vitamin B12 has an effect on the serotonin present in your brain. Serotonin in your brain is responsible for your mood regulation and low level of the same is linked with depression.

Deficiency of vitamin B could be because of improper or unhealthy diet and the other reason could be that these vitamins are not being absorbed by your body, which is due to Pernicious anemia which is a  problem in itself.

Reason for low Vitamin B12 Level in your body

Pernicious anemia is an autoimmune condition where healthy cells from your stomach are been attacked by your body’s natural defense system named as the immune system. Vitamin B12 is combined with a protein forming an intrinsic factor in your stomach.

This intrinsic factor is then absorbed in the guts called distal ileum. But as your immune system attacks healthy cells present in your stomach, your body is unable to absorb these vitamins.

Pernicious anemia is treated by giving shots of B12 in muscles or by B12 pills for getting your vitamin level back to normal. If your pernicious anemia is of the severe level then taking B12 can help you a lot.

Other than this, there are some natural ways to intake vitamin B12 in your diet:

Rich resources for Vitamin B12

It is mostly a problem with vegans or vegetarians who are deficient in vitamin B12 as vitamin B12 is naturally present in fish, crabs, clams, liver, eggs, low-fat roast beef, cheese, etc.  Check out the below table for a list of products rich in vitamin B12.

The recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12 for an average male adult is 2.4mcg whereas for women it goes to 2.6mcg or 2.8mcg for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

According to the physicians, the amount of vitamin required daily for by a person is not received from the food. To meet this vitamin requirement, you can consume pills of vitamin B-complex B12 with your morning meal.

A vitamin B12 pill easily gets absorbed into the blood vessel which is why it has worked amazingly for even seniors who have trouble in absorbing vitamin in their stomach.

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