Bamboo Straws

bamboo straw bulk

Dietary Universe is proud to announce that we now offer B2C & B2B custom bamboo straw orders.

  • Any Length  We will prepare your straws to any specified length you request.
  • Varied thickness  We can offer some special requests for varied thickness of your straws. But, since this is a natural product, there might be limitations as to what Mother Nature provides us with.
  • Bulk Order  Our capacity is at least 300,000 straws per month. If you need larger orders we will try our best to accommodate you.
  • Logo’s  We’re happy to add your special touch or logo on your straws. We do custom laser logo printing at no additional charge.
  • Custom Packaging  Please let us know if you need custom packaging, we have the facilities in our factory alongside with a skilled design team to develop your custom packaging.